• sendxmpp package


  1. On debian system (for example) use aptitude command to install sendxmpp
  2. Add XMPP plugin in “complete” section of your phpci.yml

Configuration options

  • username : Username of your XMPP sender account. (example :
  • password : Password of your XMPP sender account.
  • recipients : List of your XMPP recipents account.
  • server : If your server is not the same that your login server (optional, example :
  • tls : Set 1 to enable TLS connection or 0 to disable it. (optional, default is 0)
  • alias : Alias of your sender account. (optional)
  • date_format : strftime mask date format display in notification message. (optional, default is %c of strftime function)

Configuration example

        username: "[email protected]"
        password: "AZERTY123"
            - "[email protected]"
            - "[email protected]"    
        server: ""
        tls: 1
        alias: "PHPCi Notification"
        date_format: "%d/%m/%Y"