Runs a given Shell command.

**Note: ** Because this plugin could potentially be abused, it requires extra steps to enable it:

  1. In the root of your PHPCI system, in the same directory where you’ll find composer.json and vars.php, look for a file local_vars.php. If it does not exist, create it.
  2. In local_vars.php add this code:

define('ENABLE_SHELL_PLUGIN', true);

If ENABLE_SHELL_PLUGIN is either false or undefined, the shell plugin won’t work.

Configuration Options:

  • command - Required - The shell command to run.
        command: "bin/console build"

You should understand, that in old configuration type, you can run only one command!

New format of Configuration Options

       - "cd /www"
       - "chmod u+x %BUILD_PATH%/bin/console"
       - "%BUILD_PATH%/bin/console build"

Each new command forgets about what was before

So if you want cd to directory and then run script there, combine those two commands into one like:

        - "cd %BUILD_PATH% && php artisan migrate" # Laravel Migrations

See variables which you can use in shell commands