This plugin joins a HipChat room and sends a user-defined message, for example a “Build Succeeded” message.

Configuration Options:

| Field | Required? | Description | |——-|———–|————-| | authToken | Yes | Your HipChat API authentication token (v1) | | room | Yes | Your Hipchat room name or ID number. This can also be an array of room names or numbers, and the message will be sent to all rooms. | | message | No | The message to send to the room. Default - %PROJECT_TITLE% built at %BUILD_URI% | | color | No | Message color. Valid values: yellow, green, red, purple, gray, random. Default - yellow| | notify | No | Whether or not this message should trigger a notification for people in the room (change the tab color, play a sound, etc). Default - false. |

Message can be formatted via HTML. Example:

<b>%PROJECT_TITLE%</b> - build <a href="%BUILD_URI%">%BUILD%</a> failed!

Configuration example:

    authToken: 123
    room: 456
    message: <b>%PROJECT_TITLE%</b> - build <a href="%BUILD_URI%">%BUILD%</a> failed!
    color: red
    notify: true