Sends a build status email.

Configuration Options:

  • committer - Whether or not to send the email to the committer that prompted this build.
  • addresses - A list of addresses to send to.
  • default_mailto_address - A default address to send to.
  • cc - A list of addresses that will receive a copy of every emails sent.
  • template - The template to use, options are short and long. Default is short on success and long otherwise.

Note: This plugin will only work if you configured email settings during installation or configured them later in Admin Options > Settings > Email Settings

Configuration Example

See Adding PHPCI Support to Your Projects for more information about how to configure plugins.

Send an email to the committer as well as if a build fails:

        committer: true
        default_mailto_address: [email protected]

Send an email to every time a build is run:

        default_mailto_address: [email protected]