A simple plugin that allows you to run Codeception tests.

Configuration Options:

  • config - Required - Can be either a single string pointing to a Codeception configuration file, or an array of configuration file paths. By default this is called codeception.yml and will be in the root of your project.
  • args - Optional - The string of arguments to be passed to the run command. Important, due to the assumption made on line 132 regarding the value of --xml being the next argument which will not be correct if the user provides arguments using this config param, you must specify report.xml before any user input arguments to satisfy the report processing on line 146
  • path - Optional - The path from the root of your project to the root of the codeception _output directory

Default values

  • config
  • codeception.yml if it exists in the root of the project
  • codeception.dist.yml if it exists in the root of the project
  • null if no option provided and the above two fail, this will cause an Exception to be thrown on execution
  • args
  • Empty string
  • path
  • tests/_output/

Example on running codeception with default settings (when tests are in tests/ directory):

    config: "codeception.yml"
    path: "tests/"

Example usage against the Yii2 framework

        allow_failures: false
        config: "tests/codeception.yml"
        path: "tests/codeception/_output/"
        args: "report.xml --no-ansi --coverage-html"

The path value will need to be changed if you have your tests directory somewhere other than in the root of the project.